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Ibero-American Network for Democracy and AI

The Ibero-American Network for Democracy and Artificial Intelligence (REDemocracIA) is part of the Chair in Artificial Intelligence and Democracy of the School of Transnational Governance (European University Institute), funded by the Spanish Secretary of Digitalisation and Artificial Intelligence and the European Union’s NextGenerationEU.

The exponential development of artificial intelligence and its increasing role in all areas of our lives calls for a re-examination of the state-citizen relationship and a necessary reflection on what it means and how democracy manifests itself in the age of AI. REDemocracIA functions as a platform to promoted advanced knowledge and dialogue of the challenges and opportunities that AI presents for democracy on both sides of the Atlantic. We believe that the European and Latin American countries that comprise the Ibero-American space share particularities and common interests that allow for mutual learning when it comes to developing policies beneficial to their societies, but that the conversation should start from the recognition of the specificities of each context.

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Concept note - EN & ES versions

Last update: October 2023

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Page last updated on 07/05/2024

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