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Historical Archives of the European Union

Administrative archives of the Court of Justice of the European Union

New files from the Court of Justice of the EU archives have recently been made accessible for research. These documents concern the administrative part of the Court's archival holdings, whose inventory is accessible on the HAEU database and consultable in digital format according to its access conditions.

03 June 2021

Historical archives opened file

These new 1,602 files relate to the functioning and life of the Institution at intra- and extra-community levels for the period 1952-1983. They include documents of various types such as notes, correspondence, extracts from regulatory texts, and accounting documents. They deal in particular with the composition and powers of the Court, its seat and the construction of its buildings, relations between the Registry and the various services, as well as the organisation of official events such as meetings and internships for magistrates or judicial and university meetings. It also includes the minutes of Court meetings as well as files relating to inter-institutional activities, such as the meetings of the Committee of Four Presidents and those of the Heads of Administration.

The new inventory also includes a large series of newspaper clippings that have recently been restored and digitised. It covers topics related to the activities of the Court and the cases referred to it. The articles, organised by subject or by case number, mainly come from the national press of the various Member States.

These various files constitute a significant source of information to analyse the history of the Court concerning its institutional development and the exercise of its judicial functions.

Following the contract signed in July 2014 between the Court and the European University Institute (EUI) and governed by Council Regulation (EU) 2015/496 on the deposit of the Historical Archives of the Institutions of the European Union at the HAEU (EUI), new CJEU documents are regularly transferred in Florence and made available to the public for consultation.

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Last update: 26 January 2022

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