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Historical Archives of the European Union - European University Institute

Annual Open Day of the Historical Archives of the European Union

The Open Day programme includes guided visits of the villa, gardens and archival deposits; audiovisual presentations and readings; concerts; information on the upcoming European elections; and circus activities and spectacles for people of all ages.

20 May 2024 | Event


On 25 May 2024 the Historical Archives will welcome the public for its annual Open Day at the magnificent Villa Salviati in Florence. A rich programme of cultural and recreational activities is planned for participants of all ages. Entry is free and open to the public.

The event is an opportunity to discover the natural and artistic heritage of the European University Institute's Villa Salviati, as well as the historical memory of a united Europe, deposited there by the European institutions, private actors, and organisations.

Upon registration, visitors may enjoy guided visits of the Villa, its gardens, and the Archives, organised by Florence delegation of the FAI and carried out by local secondary students and HAEU archivists. The spectacular grotto, the chapel, the gardens, and the archival deposits will be described in the visit.

During the day, the Archives will present public readings of important documents in the history of Europe and project audiovisual materials from its collections.

Piccolissimi Musici, the youth orchestra from the Scuola di Musica di Fiesole, will perform a morning concert entitled ‘L’orchestra Tavolozza di Suoni e colori’ while the Open Day will conclude with a chamber music concert ‘La Musica da Camera, microcosmo della Società’, performed by the School’s Kalamita Trio and the Terabust Quartet.

The Passe Passe Circus promises to entertain the young and young-at-heart with soap bubbles, acrobatics and live performances.

With an eye to the upcoming European Parliamentary elections, which will take place across Europe from 6-9 June, guests at the Open Day can visit an information stand from the European Parliament’s Rome Liaison Office (EPLO). In addition, thanks to the voting advice application EU&I developed at the Robert Schuman Centre of the European University Institute, voters can inform themselves about the political platforms proposed by European political groups and parties standing for election.

The Open Day of the Historical Archives is the concluding event of the European University Institute’s annual The State of the Union Conference. Find the full programme for the Open Day here.  

Arriving at the Open Day

Villa Salviati is accessible to pedestrians only. Due to the lack of on-site parking, guests are strongly encouraged to use public transportation to arrive at the gates on via Bolognese 156 and via Faentina 261.

For the Via Bolognese entrance, take Bus 25 direction Pratolino and get off at the ‘Cionfo 01’ bus stop. Continue walking uphill to the gate at via Bolognese 156.

For the gate on via Faentina 261, take bus 1A to the terminus “Salviati FS”. From the bus stop, turn right onto via Faentina where you may immediately enter the gate to villa Salviati. The villa is approximately 800 meters from the gate, accessible on foot via the small road running through the gardens. The via Faentina gate may also be reached with autobus 21, descending at the stop ‘Ongaro’, which is across from the gate mentioned above.

For visitors with difficulty arriving on foot, a shuttle bus will operate a back-and-forth service to the villa from the bus stop “Salviati FS”, located near the entry gate at Via Faentina 261.

Visitors in possession of an official disability permit for parking are guaranteed access by car to the Villa from Via Salviati 3b (please ring to request entry).

Last update: 20 May 2024

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