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Call for contributions - Solidarity in Europe

On 20 January 2023, the European Governance and Politics Programme will host the EUI-YouGov second annual conference | Deadline for submissions: 12 December 2022

06 December 2022 | Event - Research

YouGov Conference visual of two colorful hands representing solidarity

This one-day conference aims to disseminate the rich, publicly available data based on the EUI-YouGov dataset to foster academic research, publications and collaborations.

The EUI-YouGov ‘Solidarity in Europe’ project started in 2018 and supported by a yearly survey, it examines the evolution of European, transnational solidarity. 

The dataset contains answers to questions covering a wide variety of topics: the concept of solidarity among EU states and beyond; response to different crises through various instruments, including the recent Covid-19 outbreak; welfare and unemployment; taxes and basic income; satisfaction and trust towards governments, the EU and international actors; strength of national and European identities; value of democracy; importance and salience of various issues and threats; intention in a EU-membership referendum and other EU-related indicators; world politics; left-right self-placement; gender, religion and age group; vote record in past national elections.

Organisers of the conference are looking for contributions offering empirical research based on the EUI-YouGov dataset. Draft papers, presentations based on data-driven analyses and policy discussions based on the findings are welcome.

Register to the conference here.

Last update: 07 December 2022

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