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Florence School of Banking and Finance: A growing hub of excellence

Eight years after its establishment, the Florence School of Banking and Finance (FBF) has experienced remarkable growth, both in terms of activities and reputation. The project started with a core team of five, and it now comprises around 50 professionals between scholars and staff.

11 January 2024 | Policy dialogue

FBF Team Photo

Several milestones mark the School's journey, notably, the partnership with the European Central Bank established in 2022 for training banking supervisors stands out as a significant achievement. The development of the EU Supervisory Digital Finance Academy, a flagship initiative established by the European Commission – DG Reform in cooperation with the European Supervisory Authorities is another one. This academy aims to support financial supervisory authorities in coping with the risks and opportunities offered by advanced technologies.

"I am proud to witness the tremendous growth we've achieved in the past years,” said Director Thorsten Beck. “We are committed to deepening the dialogue between academia, the policy world and the private sector in European finance. The journey so far has been remarkable, which shows there was a need for such a knowledge hub."

In response to the sector's evolving needs, FBF has recently designed and launched the 'Central Banking and Banking Supervision Executive Education Programme' in partnership with the European Central Bank, and in cooperation with the Florence School of Transnational Governance. This programme equips professionals with the skills and knowledge required for effective central banking and banking supervision, ultimately contributing to the stability of the European banking and financial system.

Based at the Robert Schuman Centre, the School continues to expand its influence and contribute to the evolution of the dynamic banking and finance landscape. Its core mission remains the development of a common culture of regulation and supervision within the European Union.

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Last update: 11 January 2024

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