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Italy’s Election Paradox | Erik Jones

Robert Schuman Centre Director Erik Jones has recently co-authored an Oped on Foreign Affairs, examining the return of the far-right in the Italian parliamentary elections, the plausible scenarios and their impact on national and European-wide developments.

22 September 2022 | Opinion

Italy's election oped

This piece by Erik Jones and Elettra Ardissino published on Foreign Affairs on 21 September 2022 addresses the possible ascent to power of Giorgia Meloni, who could become the first far-right prime minister since Benito Mussolini.

Authors argue that "a strong Meloni will be preferable to a weak one" since the Brothers of Italy Party's leader presents policy preferences that broadly fit within both EU and NATO directives. This would help stabilizing Italy, whereas if she has to ally with other right parties, she may have to compromise some measures needed. 

"A poor result for Meloni could result in a fragile right-wing government that would likely collapse well before the end of parliament’s five-year mandate, and possibly in just months, forcing Italy to re-run elections with the cost-of-living and energy crisis in full swing. Even worse would be a very weak showing by Meloni that might leave her unable to form a coalition at all, given the deep divisions on the center-left and the inability of the Brothers of Italy to govern with the Democratic Party. This would leave Italy without a government at a moment of national crisis. A good showing by Meloni would at least offer stability and allow her to take responsibility for governing Italy."

Read Erik Jones' full piece on Foreign Affairs.

Last update: 26 September 2022

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