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Academy of European Law

New AEL publication: 'The Emergence of European Society through Public Law'

The Academy of European Law presents a new publication in the Collected Courses series: 'The Emergence of European Society through Public Law: A Hegelian and Anti-Schmittian Approach', by Armin von Bogdandy.

09 April 2024 | Publication

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This monograph by Professor Armin von Bogdandy, Director at the Max Planck Institute for Comparative Public Law and International Law, looks at the results of EU-centred Europeanization. While European integration has not produced a European state, it has helped to create a European society interwoven with European public law. The book reconstructs European public law in terms of a democratic European society, as envisioned by Article 2 TEU, in order to provide a new perspective.

The book starts by looking at three key texts that have significantly influenced the understanding of structural transformations: Leibholz’s Structural Transformation of Modern Democracy, Habermas’s Structural Transformation of the Public Sphere, and Friedmann’s Changing Structure of International Law. The book is positioned in the tradition of Hegelian thought, thereby explaining its conceptualism, its institutionalism, and its understanding of normativity as being socially embedded as well as transcendental. The nation-centred positions this book challenges, ranging from Carl Schmitt to the German Federal Constitutional Court to Joseph H. Weiler, are also examined.

The book is available in Open Access in Cadmus.

Cadmus also includes all the previous volumes in the Collected Courses series.

Last update: 09 April 2024

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