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‘Pathways from disorder to order’: new project involving Professor Glenda Sluga

The project ‘Pathways from disorder to order: Where history meets theory’, funded by the British Academy for a duration of two years, will bring together leading International Relations scholars and Global Historians to think about how and when order re-emerges from prolonged periods of disorder.

27 April 2023 | Research

Pathways from disorder to order: new project involving Professor Glenda Sluga

Glenda Sluga (who splits her time at the EUI between the Department of History and Civilization and the Robert Schuman Centre) is one of the three global partners of ‘Pathways from disorder to order’, a two-year interdisciplinary project funded by the British Academy Knowledge Frontiers and led by Professor Ayşe Zarakol in Cambridge.

The aim of the project is to define ‘disorder’ and to develop an interdisciplinary conversation to reflect on the crisis thresholds that can be characterised as ‘global disorder’ as well as to understand the conditions under which a new global order can emerge from a situation of structural disorder. To successfully identify pathways to global order out of structural disorder, the project will focus on specific historical time periods alongside the contemporary world.

"As we increasingly see a world order in crisis, this project will bring global and international historians and IR scholars together to develop new methods for investigating and understanding the international past, and our complex present predicament.", explains Glenda about the project's topicality.

During the two years, the project will run two bookended meetings in Cambridge and several workshops in different locations such as Instanbul and Tokyo. The European University Institute will host a conversation in 2024 to revisit 19th century.

Together with the other partners Andrew Phillips (University of Queensland) and Heidi Tworek (University of British Columbia), Glenda Sluga will work on the creation a long-lasting network able to sustain research on big questions on these matters beyond the funding period.

Last update: 24 June 2024

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