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Posters of Europe exhibition opens in Rome

The exhibit is creative testimony to how the European institutions communicated European values and initiatives across the member states. It also offers an opportunity to teach young people about visual memory and archives.

05 June 2023 | Event


A new exhibit highlighting elements of Europe’s audiovisual history opened in Rome this last 9 May on the occasion of Europe Day. Posters of Europe, curated by Fabio di Gioia with the support of the Historical Archives of the European Union (HAEU)  and the collaboration of the European Parliament's Office in Italy and the European Commission's Representation in Italy, provides the backdrop for the Spazio Europa and Esperienza Europa - David Sassoli spaces in Rome, Italy. 

In a press release on the event, Fabio di Gioia explained that the exhibit “offers a historical frame for the institutional spaces where an intense study and research programme aimed at schools takes place”. The featured posters, which date from 1962 until 2003, were selected from the Nicola di Gioia archival collection deposited at the Historical Archives of the European Union.

Teaching visual memory

Barbara D’Ambrosio, a teacher and art historian who has collaborated extensively with the Archives’ education programme over the years, brought a group of highschool students from the Liceo Scientifico Statale 'Manfredi Azzarita' of the I.I.S. 'Tommaso Salvini' in Rome through the exhibit on its opening day. She used the exhibit to lay out a didactic project exploring the professionalism of the archivist and the power of images.

The presentation aimed to introduce the students to the profession of archivist, not only as a potential career path but also as scholars and researchers. The students were first involved in a theoretical/face-to-face class, and then had the chance to examine and analyse the posters during the visit.

Barbara commented that “exhibitions such as Posters of Europe are a great opportunity for the new generation of Europeans, as they help them become more aware of their European heritage and citizenship.” 

“The posters were used in campaigns to raise public awareness about the rights, policies and opportunities deriving from European membership,” she continued. “They illustrate the values that have been placed at the foundation of the European integration process, through time, and which remain of utmost importance even today.” 

The Historical Archives of the European sincerely thanks Fabio Di Gioia for having deposited his father’s collection at the HAEU, and for having taken the initiative to curate the exhibit for the public in two important civic spaces in Rome. 

Visit Posters of Europe at Spazio Europa and Esperienza Europa – David Sassoli

Spazio Europa is located in the Rome headquarters of the European Parliament's Representation in Italy and the Representation of the European Commission in Italy, on Via IV Novembre 149, while the Esperienza Europa - David Sassoli location is in Piazza Venezia 6. The public is invited to contact those sites directly to organise individual or group visits.

The Nicola Di Gioia collection may also be consulted digitally on the HAEU's multimedia platform. 

Last update: 06 June 2023

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