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Professor Patrizia Nanz appointed President of the European University Institute

The European University Institute (EUI) is delighted to announce that, on Tuesday 7 November, following a proposal by the dedicated search and selection committee, its member states gathered in the High Council appointed Prof. Dr. Patrizia Nanz as the new President of the Institute.

08 November 2023


The first woman to serve in this capacity (if not for a short period during the interim Presidency of Professor Marise Cremona in 2012) Professor Nanz is an Alumna of the EUI Department of Political and Social Sciences (SPS), where she defended a thesis on the European public sphere in 2001. She combines a distinguished scientific record with proven leadership experience, having i.a. led the Research Institute for Sustainability (RIFS) in Potsdam, and Co-Directed the Franco-German Forum for the Future. Her expertise spans a broad spectrum of themes, with a particular focus on such topical issues as the future of European democracy, public participation, innovative public administration, and the socio-economic transformations linked to climate change. Professor Nanz has advised governments as well as the European Commission and built an extensive network at both the academic and political levels, which will be invaluable for addressing the challenges facing an institution such as the EUI.

Professor Stefan Griller (Vienna University for Economics and Business), Chair of the EUI High Council, commented: "We were pleased to appoint Prof. Nanz, who demonstrated competence in designing and leading policy- and strategy-making processes in higher education and research contexts both at the national and international level."

Professor Renaud Dehousse, outgoing President of the EUI, concurred: "I am glad to know that Prof. Nanz will be the next President of the EUI. Her wide experience will be a great asset in leading the Institute."

Professor Patrizia Nanz declared: "I am extremely honoured to be appointed Principal of the EUI. Fifty years after the foundation of the Institute, European societies are facing major challenges and an uncertain future. This moment requires a bold and ambitious vision for the social sciences and the humanities in a rapidly changing world. In this daunting task, I am comforted in knowing that I will be able to rely on the talented and vibrant EUI community. I am very much looking forward to working with its researchers, its faculty, and its administrators towards shaping the Institute's future together."

Last update: 08 November 2023

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