Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies

New cohort of Jean Monnet and Max Weber Fellows arrive at the Schuman campus

On 2 September, the Robert Schuman Centre welcomes aboard new incoming and returning Jean Monnet and Max Weber Fellows for the new academic year 2021/22.

02/09/2021 | News

This year the Centre will host 15 Max Weber Fellows and 8 Jean Monnet Fellows, who will work with our professors on a range of different topics aiming to contribute to shaping social progress and cultural, social and scientific evolution.

We will have Troy Vettese, coming from Harvard University, studying neo-liberal environmental thought, and Victoria Finn, from Leiden University researching on human mobility and access to democratic voice. Tatyana Bajenova will address the role of universities in the EU science diplomacy, and Morshed Mannan will investigate governance in blockchain technologies, and many more.

We wish them all the best in their endeavours and again welcome to the EUI family!

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