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Student-run podcast tackles policy challenges in migration and displacement

In the second season of the “Across Borders” podcast, STG master’s students assess the role of research in addressing policy challenges within migration and displacement.

09 June 2023 | Podcast


After a successful pilot in April 2022, the “Across Borders” podcast created by the master’s students at the School of Transnational Governance, enters a new round. During the course “The Architecture of Migration Governance” taught by Migration Policy Centre Research Fellow Lorenzo Piccoli, the students interviewed a range of international experts.

Displacement and migration are some of the most burning topics in today’s world. What better way to put students to the test than to set their thoughts in motion by tackling global issues and exploring the role research can play in addressing these policy challenges?

Through this project, students combined their communication and research skills,” highlights Lorenzo Piccoli. “The result of their work is an original contribution to the public debate. It shows how research can help produce more effective and sustainable policies, and shed light on some of the critical issues that are linked to contemporary migration governance.”

In the seven-part series the students tackle the complexities of global migration touching on topics such as the rise of anti-immigration parties, effects of climate-induced migration on women or barriers to access citizenship in the Gulf countries.

Working on a podcast episode was an amazing opportunity to learn how to communicate information that is scientifically rigorous but in a way that is easy to understand for everyone,” says STG master’s student Esteban Scuzarello.

The first episode “What are the effects of Title 42 on asylum seekers in Tijuana?” is now available on the STG’s Spotify channel. Tune in and subscribe for weekly publications!

Last update: 09 June 2023

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