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Wojciech Giemza awarded Baetens-Caiado Prize

Law researcher Wojciech Giemza has received the Baetens-Caiado Prize for the best paper presented at the 11th PEPA/SIEL Conference in Birmingham, United Kingdom.

11 October 2022 | Award


Established by the Society of International Economic Law (SIEL), the Baetens-Caiado Prize was launched in June 2022 on occasion of the 11th Conference of SIEL's Post-Graduate and Early Professionals/ Academics Network (PEPA/SIEL), at the University of Birmingham Law School.

In its first edition, Law researcher Wojciech Giemza has been awarded the Baetens-Caiado Prize for his paper 'Moonlighting' Revisited: ICJ Judges as Decision Makers in Investment Arbitration.

In reacting to his nomination, Giemza shares feeling honoured and excited. "It is reassuring to find my work recognised, in particular that the awarded paper constitutes a part of my ongoing PhD research project." Indeed, as a current researcher at the EUI Law department, Giemza is working on his PhD thesis research which focuses on the jurisprudence of the International Court of Justice in the investment arbitration.

Reflecting on the role that the EUI community and Law department played in this prize nomination, Giemza praises the support he received during the research process: "When preparing this paper," he recalls, "I benefitted significantly from the feedback I received from my colleagues at the EUI International Economic Law and Policy Working Group, including Maria Laura Marceddu, Visiting Fellow at the Max Weber Programme, as well as the constant, both substantive and moral, support of my supervisor, Law Professor Jürgen Kurtz."

The Baetens-Caiado Prize is awarded to the best essay submitted on any topic in the field of international economic law and entails, aside from a financial renumeration, a recommendation for submission to the African Journal of International Economic Law (AfJIEL) for publication.

Last update: 11 October 2022

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