Celebrate World Book Day and Sant Jordi with the Library

The Library will celebrate UNESCO’s World Book Day and the Catalan festival of Sant Jordi with book recommendations and roses on 23 April.

14/04/2021 | Event

For the fifth year running the Library will celebrate UNESCO’s World Book Day – or Sant Jordi in Catalonia – like the Catalans do: with book recommendations and roses!

Our goal is to gather and share book recommendations from all across the EUI.

In this year's edition, contributors may submit a meme or a 'bookface' along with their recommendation. A jury of librarians will select the funniest recommendation, and the winner will receive a book kindly offered by EUI Secretary General Marco Del Panta.

A complete description of how to participate is available on the Library Blog.

If you are looking for something good to read, browse through some of the recommendations shared in previous years:

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