The Conference on the Future of Europe


"This is the right time to show how our research can inform the ongoing conversation on the Future of Europe"

Renaud Dehousse

The Conference on the Future of Europe, an initiative of European institutions, aims to bring Europe closer to the people by engaging with citizens as directly as possible, both online and in person.

The research carried out by our academics touches upon all main themes of the Conference, such as democracy, climate change, citizenship, migration, and more. This page collects and highlights a selection of important briefs, papers and articles which can be relevant for the conversations on the future of Europe that citizens and policy-makers are invited to engage with.

We are one of the four host institutions for the European Citizens’ Panels in the framework of the Conference. On 10-12 December, 200 citizens will gather on campus in Florence to discuss topical issues such as protecting democracy and the rule of law, European values and identity.

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Here you can find a selection of our publications; we focus on policy-relevant research which links to the themes of the Conference on the Future of Europe. Access the full collection.


Are agri-food workers only exploited in Southern Europe? Case studies in Germany, the Netherlands and Sweden | Letizia Palumbo and Alessandra Corrado

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Values and rights, rule of law, security

EU solidarity in times of Covid-19 | Lorenzo Cicchi, Philipp Genschel, Anton Hemerijck and Mohamed Nasr

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Climate change and environment

State aid for solid biomass: the case for improved scrutiny | Linde Zuidema

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How EU taxes can increase citizens' support for the EU

A Democratic Panopticon as citizen involvement in EU decision-making

A post-national conception of citizenship for the Conference on the EU’s Future

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