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[+39] 055 4685 986


Villa Schifanoia, VS031


Andres Reiljan defended his PhD at the European University Institiute in the Department of Political and Social Sciences in 2021. From 2021 to 2023, he conducted his research at the University of Tartu as a postdoctoral fellow, managing a project that was funded by the Estonian Research Council. His main fields of expertise are comparative politics and political behaviour.

Both his PhD and postdoctoral project focused on the concept of affective polarization. During his Max Weber Fellowship, Andres will continue his work on affective polarization. His objective is to consolidate his extensive research on the topic since 2015 into a comprehensive book that enhances our understanding of the nature, origins, and ramifications of this deeply concerning phenomenon in contemporary democracies.

Andres has also worked on numerous voting advice application (VAA) projects and during his fellowship he will contribute to ’euandi2024’: an EUI-developed VAA for the European Parliament elections, set to be launched for its fourth edition in April 2024.

During his stay at the University of Tartu, Andres taught two different master’s level courses on political behaviour and party politics. He has also supervised four master’s theses on topics ranging from political behaviour to education policy.

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