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Interdisciplinary Research cluster

TD21 - Transnational Democracy in the 21st century

Democracy and public identification with its values and practices face profound challenges today. We assess historical and current understandings of democracy to provide the insights for re-building the legitimacy and credibility of democratic institutions and the social contract that sustains them. Our focus is on democratic challenges related to patterns of interaction between states and on the role of supranational institutions like the EU with regards to democracy.

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Research theme(s)

DemocracyAuthoritarianismMedia pluralism and press freedomLiberal institutionsPopulismNations and nation buildingTransnational democracySupranational democracyTransnational law, justice and democracyCitizen participationEuropean citizenshipTransnational governanceArtificial intelligence (AI)EU politics (public opinion, European elections, European Parliament)


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