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Interdisciplinary Research cluster

TD21 - Transnational Democracy in the 21st century

The Interdisciplinary Research Cluster “TD21” coordinates conceptual and action-research activities on the past, present and future of transnational democracy in Europe and beyond. It aims to bring in conversation relevant scholarship across EUI within the broader ecosystem of EUI’s centers of excellence, including but not limited to the STG Transnational Democracy Programme, the Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies, the four Departments and other Clusters.

Research theme(s)

DemocracyAuthoritarianismMedia pluralism and press freedomLiberal institutionsPopulismNations and nation buildingTransnational democracySupranational democracyTransnational law, justice and democracyCitizen participationEuropean citizenshipTransnational governanceArtificial intelligence (AI)EU politics (public opinion, European elections, European Parliament)AestheticsGender equality


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