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Portrait picture of Ashley Mantha-Hollands

Ashley Mantha-Hollands

Max Weber Fellow

Max Weber Programme for Postdoctoral Studies

Max Weber Fellow

Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies

Contact info

[email protected]

[+39] 055 4685 317


Villa Schifanoia, VS091


Ashley Mantha-Hollands holds a Master’s degree in Public Policy from the University of Toronto and a BA (Honours) in Political Science and History from Concordia University. Ashley completed her PhD in Political Science at the Humboldt University in Berlin.

Ashley’s research broadly focuses on comparative citizenship law, political theory, and feminist philosophy. Her work appears in the Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies, the International Journal of Constitutional Law, and the William and Mary Bill of Rights Journal. In 2020, Ashley’s work was recognized by the Social Science and Humanities Research Council of Canada doctoral award. She has teaching experience on topics related to citizenship, political participation, and migration.

Her research has had direct policy impact and has fed into policy processes at the national and international level. Ashley recently co-authored three reports for the European Commission on citizenship laws, political participation, and electoral rights among EU Member States. She has also worked as an Analyst for the OECD and as a Policy Analyst for the Government of Canada.

As a Max Weber Fellow, Ashley is interested in studying the relationship between reproductive laws, mobility, and citizenship. She also hopes to continue to develop her work using feminist approaches to analysing citizenship law into a manuscript.


Recent research output

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