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Badia Fiesolana, BF439

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Camille is a sociologist who uses quantitative methods and sociological and demographic perspectives to study the production of inequality across the life course and over time. In her dissertation and adjacent work, she focuses on occupational characteristics, a relatively understudied but important aspect of how work produces inequality. She investigates how the content and context of work interact with individual characteristics, i.e. gender and race, to create heterogeneity in work-related outcomes. She is also interested in health as a dimension and outcome of social stratification. 
At the EUI, Camille will shift her focus from studying how occupational characteristics shape people's outcomes and life chances to work contexts and occupational outcomes that structure careers across the life course. She plans to study the dynamics and trajectories of the occupational characteristics individuals experience across the life course. 
Camille completed her PhD in 2023 at Cornell University and previously earned an MSc in Sociology from the University of Oxford. At Cornell, Camille contributed to teaching quantitative methods classes at both the undergraduate and graduate levels and large undergraduate classes such as Introduction to Sociology and Social Inequality.

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