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The Comparative Life Course and Inequality Research Centre (CLIC) engages with research on how inequalities shape and are shaped over the life course. In our research we study how individuals’ pathways unfold from birth to death in relation to individual characteristics, institutional contexts, as well as historical events, and how individual trajectories and critical transitions contribute to the production of socio-economic inequality.

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2024 Winter Programme

"Healthy Habits and Inequality"
Jesús Bueren (EUI)
11.01. 13:30-15:00, Seminar Room 2

"Teacher’s Bias in Assessments by Student’s Ascribed Status: A Factorial Experiment on Discrimination and Cultural Reproduction in Education"
Carlos J. Gil Hernández (European Commission - JRC)25.01. 13:30-15:00, Seminar Room 2

"Despite the Best Intentions: Educational Inequalities in Highly Stratified but Choice-Driven Tracking Systems"
Camilla Borgna (Collegio Carlo Alberto/University of Torino)8.02. 13:30-15:00, Seminar Room 2

"Economy or Culture? A Study of the Role of Education on Attitudes Toward Immigrants in Chile"
Paolo Velásquez (Stockholm School of Economics)22.02. 13:30-15:00, Seminar Room 2

"Gender and Generational Family Change: A Factorial Survey Experiment"
Arnstein Aassve (Bocconi)7.03. 13:30-15:00, Seminar Room 2

"Heterogeneity in the Price Premia around High Performing Schools"
Ellen Greaves (EUI)
21.03. 13:30-15:00, Emeroteca


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