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Badia Fiesolana, BF439


Eva Krejcova is currently completing her PhD in Politics and International Studies at the University of Cambridge. She holds an MA in Comparative Politics from Sciences Po. Previously, she was a visiting student at the University of Oslo and the University of Montreal, and held a research fellowship at Princeton University.

Eva’s research focuses on electoral behaviour and public opinion in contemporary Europe. She is particularly interested in how contextual factors affect individual political attitudes and vote choice. Her methodological interests include advanced spatial analysis, automated image recognition, and experimental methods.

In her PhD dissertation, Eva studies the recent divergence in public attitudes towards immigration between Western and Central-Eastern Europe. Her doctoral research has been funded by YouGov and received the Charles V European Award Research Grant. Her other research projects include an analysis of public attitudes in cross-border areas supported by the ESPON Young Researcher Grant and a co-authored study on election frequency and voter turnout recently published in Comparative Political Studies.

As a Max Weber Fellow, Eva’s main objectives will be to publish her dissertation research and develop two new projects that explore various aspects of the formation, persistence, and change in individual political attitudes.

Eva has experience teaching statistics and quantitative methods at the undergraduate level.

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