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Research project

Antonio Cassese and the Nature and Limits of Legal Innovation

October 2021 marked 10 years since Antonio Cassese passed away in Florence, the city in which he had also been a Professor at the University of Florence and the European University Institute. Cassese exercised a profound influence on international law’s ‘human dimensions’—particularly international humanitarian law, criminal and human rights law—through scholarship, through institutions he helped forge and sustain (the European Committee for the Prevention of Torture, the Yugoslav tribunal, the Special Tribunal for Lebanon and others), and through his many colleagues and students.

This project offered an opportunity to revisit Cassese’s lifework in the spirit of intellectual curiosity and experimentation so central to his work, and develop a new kind of intellectual response.

This project is co-coordinated by:

        Graduate Institute Geneva (IHEID)

  • Andrea Bianchi (Professor, Department of Law)
  • Andrew Clapham (Professor, Department of Law)
  • Paola Gaeta (Professor, Department of Law)
  • Anna Leander (Professor, Department of International Relations/Political Science)

External Partners

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