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International human rights law

Human rights law has traditionally been one of the core areas of research and policy expertise at the Law Department. Professors, fellows, visitors, and researchers at the Law Department work on a rich and diverse set of foundational as well as cutting-edge issues in international, regional, transnational and domestic human rights law. They also represent a broad range of methodologies, including doctrinal, normative, comparative, critical, feminist, socio-legal, and historical approaches to human rights law. The EUI is home to the Academy of European Law and the Secretariat of the European Society of International law. In addition, it is a member of the CIVICA partnership of leading universities and has strong ties with European and global networks of human rights scholars and practitioners. Together, these institutional alliances serve as focal points for conferences, workshops, exchanges, and advanced-level courses in human rights law. The Law Department has several researcher-led Working Groups that focus on different aspects of human rights, including on Human and Fundamental Rights, International Law, and Cultural Heritage. Law Department faculty and researchers are additionally active in inter-disciplinary initiatives such as the Migration Policy Centre and its Migration Working Group. Human rights lawyers at the Law Department also regularly collaborate with colleagues in the Department of Political and Social Sciences and the Department of History and Civilisation to explore human rights issues and challenges from an inter-disciplinary academic and public policy perspective.

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