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Working group

Applied Data Science for Social Research Working Group

Data science, machine learning, big data and deep learning are ‘buzzwords’ in contemporary technology policy-making. Recent advancements are broadening perspectives on how to maximise data utility.

It is in the interest of social sciences to exploit the advantages offered by computational developments and their modelling techniques to better explain social phenomena, and contribute solutions for persistent societal challenges. The Working Group explores topics such as data mining, machine learning techniques, quantitative text analysis, ethical concerns around big data, data visualisation and storytelling, and evidence-informed policy-making. The agenda is flexible and modifiable based on the demands and interests of group members.

The Working Group is an opportunity for researchers at any level or field to contemplate and discuss data science-related topics. Ideally, the group meets upon request of researchers to present their work. Activities include seminar-style discussions of the group members' ongoing projects (e.g. structured feedback sessions on working papers) and hands-on demonstrations of specific data science techniques with applications on social phenomena.

This working group is affiliated with the GlobalStat project.

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