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Research project

MPM - Monitoring media pluralism in the digital era – MPM2020 – Year 2

The flagship project of the Centre for Media Puralism and Media Freedom (CMPF) is the Media Pluralism Monitor (MPM) with the most recent being the 2020 MPM report, covering 30 European countries (EU 28 and Albania). The CMPF is currently working on updating the MPM with the MPM2021.

The MPM project is co-funded by the European Union.

The Media Pluralism Monitor 2020 (MPM2020) is a scientific and holistic effort to document the health of media ecosystems, detailing threats to media pluralism and freedom in European Union member states and some candidate countries.

The MPM2020 covers the years 2018-19. This is the third MPM EU-wide implementation. The assessed risk scores for various indicators and sub-indicators are grouped as Low (0 – 33%), Medium (34-66%) and High (67-100%) in the text and data visualisations to aid comprehension. The findings show a general stagnation or deterioration of media pluralism and media freedom in the four major areas encompassed by the MPM: Basic protection, Market plurality, Political independence and Social inclusiveness. The study comprises the European Union Member States (UK included, considering the timeframe of the project-the UK left the EU in 2020) as well as in candidate countries, Turkey, and for the first time, an assessment of Albania.

The MPM 2020 has confirmed the findings of the previous four rounds of monitoring – showing that none of the countries analysed are free from risks to media pluralism.

Explore the Report: https://cmpf.eui.eu/mpm2020-results/

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