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Working group

Constitutionalism and Politics Working Group

The Constitutionalism and Politics Working Group provides a platform for researchers who are interested in matters related to the (well)functioning of democratic states governed by the rule of law.

The Constitutionalism and Politics Working Group is open to all EUI members who are interested in questions broadly relating to democracy, constitutionalism, and the interplay between law and politics. Current members of the WG have diverse research interests relating to, inter alia, constitutional backsliding, political crises, constitutional identity, constitutional rights, constitutional review, constitutional pluralism, the rule of law, populism, citizenship and democracy. Researchers working in areas of constitutional and political theory, legal and political philosophy, as well as history of ideas are particularly welcome.

We regularly host seminars (at which EUI researchers can present their work), talks with guest speakers and book launches. In addition, we run the “Constitutional Coffee” series, which provides a forum for academic exchange in a less formal sense. If you want to get in touch, send us an email at [email protected].

The WG is grateful for the support of Prof. Gábor Halmai.

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