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Comparative and European constitutional law

Both Comparative Constitutional Law and European Constitutional Law have been traditional areas of expertise and research at the EUI Law Department. They attract every year a fairly large proportion of the PhD applications. The main field of research and supervision of one of the professors of the Department covers both areas, with other members of the faculty deal with other parts of comparative law and those specialised in European law also touch upon the topics of constitutional aspects of the European Union law. The chair of comparative constitutional law conducts research on government institutions, fundamental rights both on national and transnational level. Special research topics have been in the last years: constitutional pluralism and national constitutional identity, liberal democratic, populist and authoritarian constitutionalism, rule of law oversight of Member States in the European Union. Interactive courses thaught together with the SPS and HEC Department dealt also with constitutional and political development in Eastern Europe. International conferences organized by the Chair in the last years included themes such as the relationship between human dignity and democracy, economic constitutionalism, corruption and constitutional law, rule of law oversight in the EU.

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