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Research project

E-MINDFUL - Enhancing migration narrative to develop further union’s long-term actions

The E-MINDFUL project offers the opportunity to leverage the role and respective mandates of the OSCE and the ILO in the framework of the EU Agenda on Migration.

The aim is to provide the European Commission, the OSCE and the ILO constituents with a solid action-oriented knowledge-base and guidelines as well as relevant, innovative instruments that can orient future communications’ efforts on the matter. The project will work in collaboration with communication experts in Austria, Bulgaria, Greece, Italy, Bosnia-Herzegovina, North Macedonia and Serbia, including university faculties of semiotics, art, communication and digital marketing, schools of journalism/TV/radio and other media.

Through this participatory process lessons learned from selected awareness-raising endeavors will inform the development of new approaches and innovative communication models and edutainment formats. In doing so, the project will set the basis for an inclusive methodology and co-creation processes able to expand the outreach of audiences and the effectiveness of the messages. This overall process of stocktaking and prototyping will be capitalized in the possible piloting of web series and in a toolkit, comprising a publication and a set of distilled key findings and guidelines, which will provide a relevant compass and crucial instruments to steer and assess future communication strategies on migration and migrants.

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