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Research project

Innovation and intellectual property in the Digital Age

The notion of intellectual property is at the core of technological innovation, economic growth and industrial policies. This research project focuses on the challenges that digital technologies and culture pose to the notion.

The introduction of 5G and the development of the Internet of Things (IoT) impact a wide range of industries and existing business models and present a whole new set of challenges related to safety, privacy, spectrum allocation, public infrastructures and transportation that policymakers and regulators need to address to safeguard innovation, investments and citizens’ welfare. Confronted with the issues that arise at the intersection of technology, innovation and intellectual property law, the broad research question that this project will tackle is: how to deal with the perceived clashes between new technologies and existing IP frameworks?

Main research themes

  • Valuation and licensing of standard essential patents
  • Organisation of innovation
  • Economic, legal and business implications of general-purpose technologies
  • Geopolitics of technology

If you’re interested in the project’s research outputs, check the IP & Innovation series in our Resources repository

The team

Group members

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