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Working group

International Law Working Group (IL WG)

The International Law Working Group (ILWG) is open to all members of the EUI community interested in international law, broadly speaking. Members of the Working Group meet regularly in an informal setting to chat about their research and developments in international law. In addition, the Working Group frequently convenes lectures and workshops with the aim of enabling EUI researchers and visitors to engage with each other's work and exchange ideas on topics ranging from international criminal law and the law of the sea to international legal theory, strategic litigation, and beyond.

The Working Group is a continuation of the International Criminal Law Working Group established in 2002 at the initiative of Professor Pierre-Marie Dupuy. It is currently supported by Professors Neha Jain, Sarah Nouwen, and Arnulf Becker Lorca.

Please contact us if you would like to meet with us, join our mailing list, or set up a collaboration! 

Past Events

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