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Working group

International Law Working Group (IL WG)

The International Law Working Group (ILWG) is open to all members of the EUI wishing to engage with questions related to international law. Members of the ILWG meet once a month to chat informally about their research and developments in international law. In addition to monthly meetings, the working group convenes regular lectures, workshops and a reading group with the aim of enabling EUI researchers and visitors to learn from each other and exchange ideas.

The IL WG is a continuation of the International Criminal Law Working Group established in 2002 at the initiative of Prof. Pierre-Marie Dupuy, and is currently supported by Professors Neha Jain and Sarah Nouwen.

To meet with us, to learn more and to join our mailing list, message us at [email protected]


Events in academic year 2021-2022

 9 March 2022: Supranational Courts Against Authoritarian Regimes

3 March 2022: Acting SWIFTly? A Discussion on Meaningful Financial Measures to Impede Russia's War

21 February 2022: Ecocide - Puzzles and Possibilities

12 January 2022: 'Humane': A Conversation with Samuel Moyn (EUI sign-in required)

3 December 2021: Analysing Discourse Analysis: How the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia Narrated Bosnia’s History

26 November 2021: Politics, Peace and Paperwork

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