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Research project

Provision of studies targeting public attitudes on migration - EUROMED Migration V (EMM5)

This project aims to foster rights-based migration governance systems by consolidating and expanding cooperation between European Southern Neighbourhood Partner Countries (SPCs) and European Union Member States (EU MS) as well as among SPCs themselves within the thematic areas identified in the New EU Agenda for the Mediterranean on migration and mobility and the New Pact on Migration and Asylum.

During EUROMED Migration IV (EMM4), collaboration was launched with the Observatory on Public Attitudes to Migration (OPAM) of the Migration Policy Centre (MPC - European University Institute EUI) to develop a series of studies targeting public attitudes on migration.

EUROMED Migration V (EMM5) capitalises on the work already done and develops in cooperation with OPAM the necessary knowledge products to support an evidence-based approach to the issue of the narrative on migration and provide policy and operational recommendations to communication professionals and policy makers in the Euro-Mediterranean region.

The three components the project is based on are:

- Dialogue and cooperation

- The knowledge management and development

- Communications and narrative on migration

The team

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External Partners

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