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Working group

The Migration Working Group

The aim of the Migration Working Group, MWG, is to foster exchange on the latest, cutting-edge migration research and give the opportunity to early career scholars and Ph.D. Students to present their research.

The MWG is organised by the Migration Policy Centre (MPC) in coordination with EUI researchers Henriet Baas, Anne Sofie Cornelius Nielsen, Alexandra Karaiskou and Ophelia Nicole-Berva. The MWG director is Prof. Andrew Geddes.

Topics discussed in the seminar series overlap with the Migration Policy Centre's key research areas, such as public attitudes to migration and migration policies, labour markets, welfare states and migration policies, integration, racism and discrimination, border enforcement and migration controls, migration law and migrants’ rights, foreign aid and development.“

Former directors of the Migration Working Group:

  • Anna Triandafyllidou (2012-2019),
  • Rainer Bauböck (2008-2012),
  • Jean-Pierre Cassarino (2006-2008),
  • Virginie Guiraudon (2005-2006),
  • Philippe Fargues (2004-2005),
  • Franck Düvell (2002-2004).

In relation to migration, the EUI also had a EUI Forum on Migration, Citizenship and Demography from 2014 to 2017, which provided a space for academics, experts, stakeholders and practitioners to reflect on movements of migrants and refugees.

For an overview of the next Migration Working Group sessions, check out the full program for the first part of this year.

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