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Research project

WPCS - Wartime and post-conflict in Syria project

The Wartime and Post-Conflict in Syria project (WPCS) has provided operational and strategic analysis of prospects, challenges, trends and policy options in wartime and in preparation for post-conflict in Syria.

WPCS focused on policy and response-relevant themes, to include: key actors and dynamics of local governance; the war economy and its impact on the future reconstruction of Syria; the fragmentation of the military and security landscape and options to re-shape security frameworks; and regional interventions and their impact on local socio-political dynamics.

During its period of activity the WPCS Project provided a nuanced understanding of the Syrian conflict’s dynamics and trends by conducting field-based research. It aimed at stimulating new approaches and policy responses to the Syrian conflict through a regular dialogue between researchers, policymakers, donors, and practitioners. It also aimed at building and empowering a network of Syrian researchers that will contribute to research informing international policy and practice related to their country.

In three years of activity, the project produced more than 60 publications written by 13 Syrian researchers coached within the framework of the programme. 

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