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Books tender, Q&A


1. Would the customer please confirm the number of delivery points to which the chosen supplier will be expected to deliver to.

2. Page 15 of the Tender document refers to 2. Optional Added Value Services. Would the customer confirm the volume of titles which will require servicing to the standards as set out on page 15. In addition, is servicing expected to be included as a separate price?

3. Is the University able to provide a sample basket of titles in order for the supplier to better understand the likely buying patterns and mix of titles across each Lot. / Would the University be willing to provide a sample basket of books to give a clear idea of the sort of titles they will be purchasing during the period of this agreement?

4. Will the University be looking to a Standard and Rush Order service for each Lot?

5. Would the University be able to confirm which Punch-Out facility they use and will be required to be adopted by the chosen supplier.

6. Could you please indicate the approximate volume of Rush orders per year, or the percentage of Rush orders compared to normal orders?

7. Technical Specifications B1.14, B1.15, B1-18. There are discrepancies between Technical Specifications and the corresponding Award criteria on pp. 18 and 20. Will the missing aspects be awarded?

8. Technical Specifications B1.2.x - we would like to request details regarding the classification scheme.

9. In the document "III-2a-FORM" and "III-2b_FORM" appears the field "Countries (only for lot 4)", but on "Document I" it is stated that offers for a selection of countries/languages is available for Lot 5. Please clarify.

10. The points B.1.14.iv and B.1.15.iii, are included in "Document I" but not in the "III-2a-FORM". Please clarify.

11. Section B, Technical Specifications, Question 1.2 VI refers to eBooks and whether the Supplier can provide an eBook solution. Question VII then refers to direct online ordering process. Can the customer confirm questions VII, VIII, IX, X and XI is therefore in regard to print or e-book supply. 

12. Within the tender documentation, section 1.12.v it refers that ‘The Supplier may invoice in the currency of their country of origin. Different conditions may be defined in the contract’. In clause II.15.2 Currency, it confirms that ‘The contract shall be in EUROs’. Can the customer confirm which will take precedent.


1. The main delivery point will be the EUI Library, but a small portion of items will also be delivered to the Historical Archives of the European Union located in Via Bolognese 156 - 50139 Firenze.

2.  a. Volume of titles.  The only indication that can be given is related to Standing orders: their budget is approx. 8300 Euros per year including all lots. The volume involved for the other optional added value services will depends on several circumstances.  b.   Price . Yes, it should be included as a separate price, and will be awarded according to what specified on p.19 of Document II - Specifications for Technical and Economic Proposals.

3. The EUI Library will not provide any sample basket. Our Library home page and catalogue are available at http://www.eui.eu/Research/Library/Index.aspx .

4. Yes, the EUI Library is looking for a Standard and Rush Order service for each Lot.

5. At the moment the EUI Library usually selects books on the supplier’s platform and exports MARC records with embedded order information, loads records into the EUI Library management system (currently Millennium) and sends files of orders to suppliers through ftp using EDIFACT format. Nevertheless this is not a requirement and the Library is interested in other solutions.

6. The approximate volume of Rush orders  is 150 orders per year of which less than ten orders concern Rush orders with special delivery.The numbers given relate to all Lots together.

7. Yes, they will. This is an error. Page 18, under 1.2 (Required services award criteria) the 7th line (Invoicing, EDI invoicing B1.12-1.13) should be replaced by: Invoicing, EDI invoicing, Payment (B.1.13-1.14). The same on page 20, Summary of award criteria scheme. Furthermore the 8th line (Quality aspects B1.13-1.15), should be replaced by: Quality aspects (B.1.15-B.1.18). The same on page 20,  Summary of award criteria scheme.

8. The Dewey Decimal Classification Scheme (23rd ed.) adopted by the EUI Library is in some cases adapted according to specific needs of our collection. For example, in classification of History titles we use alphabetical suffixes to denote specific aspects of national/geographical history such as Cultural, Economic, Military, Legal, etc. (945-S = Economic History of Italy, 944.03-L = Legal History of France in 17th Century). Similarly, we make more specific the classification of works by philosophers adding suffixes consisting of first three letters of the philosophers’ surnames (for example 193-NIE is the classification of works by and about Friedrich Nietzsche). In case the EUI Library would decide for classification by the Supplier, this would be agreed upon once the tender has been awarded.

9. This is an error. In both Documents III-2a-FORM and III-2b-FORM on page 1 "Countries (only for lot 4)" should read "Countries (only for lot 5)".

10. On Document III-2a-FORM, under heading B1.14 - Payment, point B.1.14.iv with the text "To be accepted. No further description needed" should have been included. The same applies to heading B1.15 - Performance on book supply, where point B.1.15.iii should have been included with the text "To be accepted. No further description needed".

11. The EUI Library confirms that Technical Specifications B1.2 questions VII, VIII, IX, X, XI apply both to print and to e-book supply.

12. Clause II.15.2 of the Draft Contract is not applicable to this specific contract. The currency of invoices and payment will be negotiated with the Supplier after the awarding.


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