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Academy of European Law Summer School

The Academy of European Law (AEL) holds two summer courses each year, on Human Rights Law and the Law of the European Union.  

The AEL summer courses, renowned throughout Europe and beyond, offer a challenging and stimulating learning experience in one of Europe’s most prestigious institutions.




17 June - 28 June 2019




01 July - 12 July 2019


Advanced-Level Law Courses

Our courses include Distinguished Lectures, a General Course, and a series of Specialized Courses, given by leading scholars and practitioners in the field.

The two-week programmes focus on topical, cutting-edge issues and encourage scholarly and practical approaches to human rights law and EU law in a highly interactive environment.

Learn and Network

The courses are open to advanced students of law or related fields, including lawyers, specialists, practitioners, professors, researchers and students.  

The courses provide ample opportunities to engage in discussions and exchange ideas with experts and fellow participants working in the same field. 

A Unique Experience

Participants spend two or four weeks at the EUI, taking part in the intensive course programme, joining in the academic life of the university, using one of Europe’s best academic libraries in the social sciences, meeting the EUI community, participating in social activities, and enjoying life in the city of Florence.



Climbing a hill is a rewarding exercise in its own right. Whoever climbs the Fiesolean hills, however, will not only enjoy a fantastic view over the north of Florence and a visit to the picturesque town of Fiesole. They may also stop at one of the most beautiful and inspiring academic places I have ever been to. Villa Schifanoia, home of the EUI’s Academy of European Law, offers an incredible welcoming and open atmosphere. Its summer school brings together eminent scholars, experienced practitioners, and keen young researchers from various personal and intellectual backgrounds. Merging different perspectives on various areas of EU Law into a two week-programme (or four weeks, if you decide to do both programmes), the Academy stimulates discussion and reflections. These, together with the personal connections one makes during such an intense fortnight, accompany the participants a long way on their further journey. Be it uphill, or elsewhere.

 Michael Wolfgang Müller, Diploma in The Law of the European Union,LL.M. (Cambridge) Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter, Research  Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München. 




The Summer School on Human Rights at the EUI in 2014 was a wonderful experience. You get to spend two stimulating weeks in one of the most beautiful settings near Florence and dive into a specific topic without distractions. The lectures were very interesting and the debates intense and by no means confined to the lecture hall. It was very impressive to discuss matters of international law with eminent practitioners and insightful to see how law and policy-making interact. For me, the best thing about the AEL summer school was the exchange of views and experiences with the other participants. Academics, practitioners, activists, students and everything in-between – everyone was looking for answers to the complicated questions we were confronted with and the variety of backgrounds and nationalities made every conversation enlightening. The Summer School has inspired me to further pursue my interest in human rights law. I can only recommend this experience to anyone who is interested. The EUI itself is wonderfully located and equipped with a great library and the friendly staff were always very supportive and competent.

Anna Hoffmann, Diploma in Human Rights Law 2014, is studying at the Hertie School of Governance (Berlin) for a Master in Public Policy and holds a B.A. from the University of Oxford in History and Politics.



As a young lawyer and master’s student, the Academy of European Law’s Human Rights Law summer school was absolutely one of the highlights of my academic studies. Everything from the courses, the lecturers, the readings, the group discussions to the university’s facilities made this summer school an incredibly enriching and lively experience. I would highly recommend the AEL’s summer school on Human Rights Law to anyone seeking to advance their scientific knowledge and meet intellectuals from diverse backgrounds in order to expand their worldview and perspectives on different human rights issues. To top it all off, our classes were held in the hills of Fiesole overlooking Florence. Need I say more?

Dania Suleman, Diploma in Human Rights Law 2014, is a young lawyer based in Montreal, Canada. She is currently doing an interdisciplinary master’s at the University of Québec in Montréal on the subject of religious identity, feminism and secularism. 




The Academy of European Law’s summer course on Human Rights Law was a very enriching experience for me: high level courses in beautiful surroundings, where sincere and enthusiastic discussions were held in class and after class, and where worldwide friendships were built.  In addition to this, we had access to the extraordinary library of the Institute and were helped by the very friendly faculty staff.

I have never had the chance before to have so many interesting courses in so little time. I really believe it is a plus to bring together scholars and participants from all over the world. For me the Academy of European Law summer course is an example of what universities should do: create critical minds by confronting different points of view, learning about different legal approaches, contextualizing and putting theory in practice. I am happy that I got the chance to be challenged again about the way human rights mechanisms work and to refine my knowledge and my way of thinking. The result of this summer course is that I only want to know more…  

 Marie-Noëlle Veys, Diploma in Human Rights Law 2014, Editor Wolters Kluwer Belgium. 




The 2014 EUI Academy of European Law summer programme was a highly valuable and rewarding personal experience. I was greatly inspired by the fresh approach embraced by the general and thematic courses, comprising both a reach academic substance as well a solid practical stance. I mostly valued the holistic architecture of the programme, which translated for me in a breakthrough the rigid and often complex multilevel universal, regional and local systems of human rights protection. The challenging, forward-looking and critical approach encouraged by the faculty and greatly supported by the participants constituted a valuable asset, which marked beyond any doubt my academic and professional work. 

Viorica VIȚĂ, Diploma in Human Rights Law 2014, is a lawyer, member of Bucharest Bar, alumna of College of Europe (2012) and LLM researcher at EUI (2013-2014). She is currently a PhD candidate at University of Bucharest, and a Visiting Student at the EUI.




The first time I attended the AEL Summer School was in 2012 when I had just started my PhD. It was for me a breakthrough experience which helped me understand the academic level I wanted to aim for. The lectures were extremely engaging, and I was amazed by the intellectual level of the participants. I made good friends that year and I am still in touch with them and they keep on enriching me both on a personal and a scientific level. In light of this I recommend the AEL summer school to any early career researcher. Given this very positive experience I came back in 2014 and I believe I benefitted from the experience even more.



Irene Wieczorek, Diploma in The Law of the European Union 2014, PhD researcher, Vrije Universiteit Brussels.



The EUI’s summer school represents a unique opportunity to attend advanced lectures by top international academics and practitioners, engage in fruitful discussions, take advantage of  the library collection, exchange ideas (particularly during the evening “study groups” for the Diploma exam, as well as the aperitivos by the Arno river) and network with fellows from all around the world. Adding to these the excellent organization of this intensive course, I would recommend it without a second thought to all my human rights law peers!

Maria Papaioannou, Diploma in Human Rights Law 2013, holds a PhD in International and European Institutions and she is currently working on RSD as a President of the Appeal Committees (Appeal Authority, Hellenic Asylum Service, Ministry for Public Order and Citizen Protection). 



The AEL Summer School in Human Rights Law was an extremely enriching experience that I would recommend to any human rights lawyer. I had the opportunity to be taught by some of the most prominent scholars in the field and to exchange views with brilliant colleagues from many parts of the world. This course not only allowed me to expand my professional network but also enabled me to make many valuable friendships. The overwhelming beauty of the EUI campus also made this two-week course unforgettable.


Giulia Vicini, Diploma in Human Rights Law 2013, is a Ph.D. candidate at the Paris 1 Panthéon Sorbonne University.​


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