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Diploma of the Academy

The Academy's Diploma examination is held on the last day of each course. It is a three-hour examination. 

The examination is an optional part of the course. Course participants can decide at the end of the first week whether to sit the examination. 

Although largely based on the subjects covered in the course, the exam requires an advanced knowledge of the field. Only those participants who demonstrate the highest competence in the subject are awarded the Diploma. 

Examination questions from previous years are available.

All exams must be answered on an EUI computer. Candidates must write their answers in English. 

This is a 'closed book' exam: candidates cannot use internet and cannot refer to other information. No books or other materials can be taken into the exam room.

Exam papers are corrected anonymously. Markers are requested to rank the exam papers and to determine which candidates deserve the Diploma. Exam markers are not requested to make comments on each exam paper.

The results are made available to all candidates in the autumn term.


2018 Session on Human Rights Law

Antoine De Spiegeleir  

De Spiegeleir-Antoine-PHOTO-138525

Thalia Viveros Uehara 

Thalia Viveros Uehara


2018 Session on The Law of the European Union


Paul Dermine

Paul DERMINE - Photo 

Lóránt Havas


Anna Krisztian


Diploma cum laude


Alezini Eirini Loxa 

EUL-AEL-2270803-Loxa-Alezini Eirini-PHOTO-138788

Anne-Carlijn Prickartz

Foto Anne-Carlijn Prickartz



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