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The Summer School on Human Rights at the EUI in 2014 was a wonderful experience. You get to spend two stimulating weeks in one of the most beautiful settings near Florence and dive into a specific topic without distractions. The lectures were very interesting and the debates intense and by no means confined to the lecture hall. It was very impressive to discuss matters of international law with eminent practitioners and insightful to see how law and policy-making interact. For me, the best thing about the AEL summer school was the exchange of views and experiences with the other participants. Academics, practitioners, activists, students and everything in-between – everyone was looking for answers to the complicated questions we were confronted with and the variety of backgrounds and nationalities made every conversation enlightening. The Summer School has inspired me to further pursue my interest in human rights law. I can only recommend this experience to anyone who is interested. The EUI itself is wonderfully located and equipped with a great library and the friendly staff were always very supportive and competent.

Anna Hoffmann, Diploma in Human Rights Law 2014, is studying at the Hertie School of Governance (Berlin) for a Master in Public Policy and holds a B.A. from the University of Oxford in History and Politics.



Climbing a hill is a rewarding exercise in its own right. Whoever climbs the Fiesolean hills, however, will not only enjoy a fantastic view over the north of Florence and a visit to the picturesque town of Fiesole. They may also stop at one of the most beautiful and inspiring academic places I have ever been to. Villa Schifanoia, home of the EUI’s Academy of European Law, offers an incredible welcoming and open atmosphere. Its summer school brings together eminent scholars, experienced practitioners, and keen young researchers from various personal and intellectual backgrounds. Merging different perspectives on various areas of EU Law into a two week-programme (or four weeks, if you decide to do both programmes), the Academy stimulates discussion and reflections. These, together with the personal connections one makes during such an intense fortnight, accompany the participants a long way on their further journey. Be it uphill, or elsewhere.

Michael Müller, Diploma in The Law of the European Union 2013, is a Ph.D. candidate and a research assistant at the University of Munich. 

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