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Compulsory Courses 2018-2019

These courses are compulsory for first-year research students. For each compulsory course there are additional exercise classes by teaching assistants.
The background course on Mathematics and the background course in Probability and Statistics run intensively in August and September, while the other compulsory courses (divided in 3 modules) run twice a week from early September till end of March 2019.  
The Macroeconomics module will start in the second teaching block (in November 2018) and continue until early June 2019.

Background course in Mathematics (Antonio Villanacci), starts 28 August 2018. Course material.

Each teaching block is followed by exams – please see overview below: 

Teaching Block I: 27 August – 9 November
Exam week: 5-9 November

Teaching Block II: 12 November – 25 January
Exam week: 21-25 January

Teaching Block III: 28 January – 29 March
Exam week: 25-29 March

Teaching Block IV: 1 April – 31 May
Exam week: 27-31 May 

List of Compulsory courses

Antonio Villanacci

Background course in Probability and Statistics
Tiziano Arduini

Statistics and Econometrics
1. Andrea Ichino 
2. Juan Dolado
3. Michèle Belot

1. Jésus Bueren
2. Árpád Ábrahám / Philipp Kircher
3. Russell Cooper  

1. Giacomo Calzolari 
2. David Levine
3. Nina Bobkova

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