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Mission Rules for Researchers

The Economics Department has an annual allocation of funds to support researcher missions each calendar year. This money may be requested for one or more missions, but it is not an entitlement and the limit may not be exceeded.

For 2021 the maximum sum allocated for each researcher is set as follows:
 1st year researchers  300 €
 2nd year researchers  600 €
3rd and 4th year researchers 1200 €
5th year researchers* 400 € 
*For conference attendance only  


Some extra money is available for researchers to visit their 1st supervisors who have left the Institute, and also for job market conferences with interviews for 4th and 5th year researchers (this is on top of the yearly quota). 

The Department's policy is to reimburse on the following basis:

  • 100% for job market conferences with interviews  
  • 100% to visit supervisors who have left 
  • for conferences presenting a paper: 100% for high-quality and 75% for average quality ones 
  • for attending conferences without presenting a paper or summer schools: 50% for high-quality and 25% for average quality ones
To apply for a mission, please submit the following in hard copy to the secretariat:
Please make sure the forms are signed by yourself, and countersigned by your supervisor. The secretariat will seek the approval of the Head of Department. 
Remember to submit your request at least one week before departure, to be sure of approval by the department. 
For your first mission, please give full bank account details (page 3 of the Researcher Mission Form). Note that all charges incurred in transferring money to foreign accounts will be deducted from the mission allocation.  


Tables with maximum amounts reimbursable for travel and other mission-related costs:  


up to 500


from 501 to 1000


from 1001 to 1500


from 1501 to 2000


from 2001 on (in Europe)


from 2001 on (outside Europe)




Daily Allowance

up to 15 days


from 16 up to 60 days


Lump sum for travel outside Italy (if the mission starts from Italy)





Page last updated on 04 March 2021

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