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Course Programme 2023-2024

Compulsory courses

These courses are compulsory for first-year PhD researchers and MRes students.

Each course is considered a full credit course (20 hours of teaching) with a final exam. For each compulsory course there are additional exercise classes by teaching assistants.

The background course on Mathematics (30 hours) and the Background course on Probability and Statistics (16 hours) run intensively in August and September, while the other compulsory courses (divided in 3 modules) run twice a week from early September till end of March. The Macroeconomics module will start in Teaching Block II (in November) and will continue until the end of May.

In addition, a 5-class methods course will run in Teaching Block III in the Spring.

Enrolment: First-year PhD researchers and MRes students are automatically enrolled by the Department. Students and researchers from other Departments/academic units should contact the Departmental Coordinator to enroll. Registration after the deadline is not possible.


Advanced Courses

During the first, second and third year, PhD researchers are required to pass 8 advanced courses (full credit) to be chosen with the agreement of the supervisor/advisor. First-year researchers can only attend advanced courses in Block IV.

MRes students are required to pass 4 advanced courses in Block III and IV.

Each teaching block is followed by exams.

Advanced courses are divided in full credit courses (20 hours of teaching) and half-credit courses (10 hours of teaching). Credits are obtained upon receiving a passing grade.

Enrolment: The advanced courses are open to students and researchers from across the institute. Please see deadlines for registration below. Registration after the deadline is not possible.


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Each teaching block is followed by exams – please see overview below:

Teaching Block ITeaching Block IITeaching Block IIITeaching Block IV
29 Aug - 27 Oct13 Nov - 12 Jan29 Jan - 15 Mar02 April - 17 May
Revision & Exam weeks: 30 Oct - 10 Nov

Revision & Exam weeks: 15 Jan - 26 Jan

Revision & Exam weeks: 18 Mar - 27 Mar

Revision & Exam weeks: 20 May - 31 May

Registration Deadline: 1 September

Registration Deadline: 15 October

Registration Deadline: 15 January

Registration Deadline: 15 March

Course Registration

If you want to register for a course, please consult the Common Course Catalogue.


Outline of the Microeconomics sequence - compulsory and advanced courses - 2023-24

Last update: July 2023

English (96 KB - pdf)

Outline of Macroeconomics Sequence - compulsory and advanced courses - 2023-24

Last update: July 2023

English (135 KB - pdf)

Outline of the Applied Economics and Econometrics Sequence at the EUI

Last update: October 2023

English (132 KB - pdf)

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