Visiting the Economics Department
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Visiting the Economics Department

Every year the Department accepts requests from scholars from around the world wishing to spend a period of time doing research at the EUI. Priority is given to scholars whose research interests relate directly to work being carried out within the Department and are of particular interest to one or more of its teaching staff.

The status of Visiting Fellow does not involve any financial commitment on the part of the Institute: all fellows must be self-financed or supported by another institution (sabbatical, grants, etc.) with respect to travel, living expenses, salary and work expenses.

Visiting Fellows have no teaching responsibilities, but they and our researchers often find that they have shared research interests, which they discuss to mutual advantage.

Visiting Fellows cannot expect secretarial help, but whenever possible a desk or workspace will be allocated. Fellows have access to EUI facilities (Library, seminars, email, canteen). Visiting Fellows are welcome to participate in all EUI academic activities.

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Page last updated on 02/07/2021

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