Lucy Riall

Prof. Lucy Riall Professor of History of Europe in the World (19th to 20th centuries)

Director of Graduate Studies

Co-coordinator of the Interdisciplinary research cluster:
Democracy in the 21st Century


Fields of research

  • Modern European History, especially Italy
  • Nineteenth- and early twentieth-century European colonialism
  • Nationalism and nation-building
  • Biography
  • Religion and politics
  • Masculinity and politics

Current research projects

  • European colonies of settlement in Argentina, Peru and Chile, c.1810 to c.1940
  • Masculinity and politics in modern Europe
  • History and memory in Southern Italy


  • English
  • Italian
  • French
  • German
  • Spanish


Office Hours: Thursdays, 11.00-13.00. 
For appointments please contact the Administrative Assistant:  Fabrizio Borchi

  • Postal address: 
    Department of History and Civilization 
    Via Bolognese 156 
    50139 Florence - Italy

Office SACA209 at Villa Salviati, Castello

Current seminars at the EUI

  • Global History (with Prof G. Riello) - First Term 2020/2021
  • Empires (with Prof P. Judson) - Second Term 2020/2021

Selected recent publications

  • "The sex lives of Italian patriots", in V. Babini, C. Beccalossi and L. Riall (eds), Italian Sexualities Uncovered. The Long Nineteenth Century (London, Palgrave, 2015), pp. 37-57.
  • "Travel, migration, exile: Garibaldi’s global fame", Modern Italy 19/1 (2014), pp. 41-52.
  • "Introduction" to Ippolito Nievo, Confessions of an Italian (London, Penguin Modern Classics, 2014 [1857]), xiii-xxxii.
  • Under the Volcano: Revolution in a Sicilian Town (Oxford, Oxford University Press, 2013) - Italian translation: La Rivolta. Bronte 1860 (Rome & Bari, Laterza, 2012).
  • "Guerre et nation dans l’Italie du Risorgimento", Revue de l’histoire du xix siècle, 44/1 (2012), pp. 49-64.
  • "Anticattolicesimo e rinascita cattolica: la Gran Bretagna, l’Irlanda e gli stati pontifici, 1850-1860", in R. Balzani and A. Varni (eds), La Romagna nel Risorgimento. Politica, società e cultura al tempo dell'Unità (Rome and Bari, Laterza, 2012), pp. 5-44.
  • "Men at war: masculinity and military ideals in the Risorgimento", in S. Patriarca and L. Riall (eds), The Risorgimento revisited: Nationalism and Culture in 19th-Century Italy (London, Palgrave, 2012), pp. 152-70.
  • "The shallow end of history? On the substance and future of political biography", Journal of Interdisciplinary History, 40/3, 2010, pp. 375-97.
  • "Martyr cults in nineteenth-century Italy", Journal of Modern History, 82/2, 2010, pp. 255-87.
  • "Fathers of the nation? Bismarck, Garibaldi and the cult of memory in Germany and Italy" (with Robert Gerwarth), European History Quarterly, 39/3, 2009, pp. 388-413.


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