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Working Papers

Criminal prosecution of homosexuals in the Soviet Union (1946-1991) : numbers and discourses

Author: VALODZIN, Uladzimir
Year: 2020
Abstract: In the first part of the paper, criminal prosecution of male homosexuals is discussed, represented by article ‘muzhelozhstvo’ of Criminal Codes of…

Talking about silence

Author: ROMANO, Gabriella Maria
Year: 2020
Abstract: The paper focusses on an oral history project on homosexuality during Fascism in Italy that I worked on. The project transformed itself as the…

The European Investment Bank and the ‘Mezzogiorno’ in the context of regional development (1958-1973)

Author: BONATESTA, Antonio
Year: 2019
Abstract: The aim of this paper is to retrace the ways the European Investment Bank operated in Italy since its creation in 1958 to 1973. During these fifteen…

Vladimir Sappak’s humanism on Soviet TV

Author: KHAZANOV, Pavel
Year: 2018
Abstract: In his writings, the first Soviet critic of television, Vladimir Sappak (1921-1961) associates the new mass medium with a political vision typical of…

The lira : token of national (dis)union (1814–74)

Author: CHIARUTTINI, Maria Stella
Year: 2018
Abstract: A single currency is a powerful tool to integrate markets and instil a sense of common belonging. In nineteenth-century Italy, however, the…

Das Pariser Opernballett auf den Salzburger Festspielen von 1953 : ein tänzerischer Umbruch in der Festspielgeschichte oder eine misslungene Tanzdiplomatie?

Author: GOLOVLEV, Alexander
Year: 2017
Abstract: The following paper attempts to show how a singular event of outstanding importance can leave a lasting imprint on strategies and effects of cultural…

Emperor’s new clothes? : using medieval history to reflect on the globalization paradigm

Author: MCCLURE, Julia
Year: 2017
Abstract: This paper aims to give a face to the ‘globalization paradigm’ at work in some global histories and to recognize similarities between this…
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