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Exchange Programmes

Department of History and Civilisation

The Institute participates in some 30 exchange programmes with universities and institutions in Europe and beyond. The aim is to give EUI doctoral researchers in their second and third year the possibility of advancing their doctoral studies by attending another institution with similar research interests.

Exchange Programmes for Historians


  • an application to participate in an exchange programme must have the full support of the researcher's supervisor
  • applications must be approved by the department
  • once approved by the department, they must be submitted to the Institute's Entrance Board for final approval.
  • as successful candidates are nominated in the academic year preceding their intended exchange, they must maintain good progress with their studies and be admitted to the successive year for them to be able to take part in the exchange
  • once accepted on the exchange by the host institution researchers are expected to participate in the programme. N.B. the host institution retains the right to turn down an application.


Study periods in institutions falling outside the Exchange Programmes

Researchers wishing to attend an institution not included in the Exchange Programmes may do so but should apply independently or via the department.

The department must approve the stay and for a visit of more than one month, it must also be approved by the Entrance Board. The request for participating in such visits must include a letter of invitation from the host insitution, contact details and a letter of support from the researcher's supervisor in addition to the standard letter of intent and CV.

Researchers should be aware that if they are accepted as a visiting student by another institution, the latter may charge tuition and/or registration fees. The payment of these fees is not covered by the Exchange Programmes.

Page last updated on 28/07/2021

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