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Guidelines on Departmental Contributions to Workshops

IMG_3520PhD Researchers (normally limited to the second year and beyond) who wish to organize workshops or to invite guest speakers may seek a departmental contribution towards the cost. Financial support is not guaranteed and the request for funding must be submitted to a departmental committee.  

  • Researchers should first consult with professors about conceptualizing and organizing the workshop.
  • They should also speak with fellow researchers and/or Max Weber Fellows about including their possible participation. Depending on the topic of their proposed workshop, researchers could also consider involving researchers or professors from other departments. Support from other departments is not mandatory but suggested where it makes sense.
  • Finally, they should consult with Laura Borgese about how to produce a budget proposal.

How to apply

Ideally researchers should make their proposal at least a full semester before they wish to hold the workshop. Researchers should then submit to the departmental coordinator:

  1. a proposal that outlines the themes and goals of the workshop and that clarifies what kind of departmental or EUI participation they foresee. In particular, the proposal should specify whether other HEC researchers, HEC postdocs, or researchers and postdocs from other departments have expressed interest in being involved, and whether they have already asked for support from other departments
  2. a preliminary budget that demonstrates support for the workshop by at least more than one professor.

The deadlines by when applications should be sent to the departmental coordinator are: 

  • 30 September
  • 15 January
  • 15 May

Criteria for the assignment of the contribution

  • The department will normally give strong consideration to proposals that involve commitment from more than one professor and that foresee the active involvement of a number of HEC researchers.
  • Normally, the department does not encourage first year researchers to organize workshops.


Page last updated on 17 September 2020