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History and Civilization Library Guide

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  • This History & Civilisation Research Guide provides information on EUI Library holdings in the humanities and on electronic resources available to historians like the European History Primary Sources portal (EHPS), a searchable index of open access (OA) web-based original digital primary sources. 
  • Digital Humanities and Digital (Public) History, redesigned the way we access and use primary sources, scholarly information and documentation, the way we communicate and share history and the way history is written today.
  • What could be called the "digital history turn" has been explored in the HEC Department & EUI Library Atelier Multimédia series of seminars, workshops and teaching activities. Starting 2017-2018, some of these seminars (E-resources for Historians and Managing Information with Zotero) will become part of a series of Library Information Literacy courses starting in October 2017. (A full list of library courses and trainings is available here). Former Atelier Multimedia Courses materials are still available here.
  • The 2017 EUI Library presentation for historians is now available as a PPT presentation here and in PDF here 



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