Fourth-Year Researchers

Compulsory Requirements for the Fourth Year of the Doctoral Programme

Written requirements:

  • Final draft of thesis by 31 August

Fourth-year researchers have no formal requirement for seminar attendance: they are however strongly encouraged to attend the Advanced Dissertation Writing Seminar in the 1st term. 

In the fourth year researchers will be primarily engaged in writing up their thesis, rather than doing primary research. It is therefore not anticipated that researchers will be going on mission.


Fourth-Year Grant

Researchers are invited to read point 8. of the Academic rules and regulations for the doctoral programme of the Institute.

The fourth year is, for all researchers, dedicated to the completion of the thesis. The aim is to submit to the supervisor the Final Draft of the thesis, i.e. the text that the researcher submits with the intention of defending the thesis before an examining board, and that the supervisor has accepted as such. Researchers in receipt of the completion grant should submit the Final Draft within 48 months of initial registration (i.e. by the end of the fourth year).

For further information please check pp. 49-51 of the Researchers' Guide.


Page last updated on 12 April 2021

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