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Missions for Researchers

The Department supports the needs of its researchers in terms of fieldwork and consultation of archives and materials strictly related to their research topic. It cannot, however, cover all the expenses related to the mission period. The department subsidy is intended to be a substantial material help for the part of the research that is to be developed outside the Institute.

Note: For full details on research and conference missions refer to chapter I.7.1. of the Researchers Guide (pp. 29-31)

Research missions

Researchers in the first three years may receive financial support for up to two research missions per academic year. Missions longer than one month, including combined missions, must be authorized by the Entrance Board, upon suggestion of the Department.

- First- and second-year researchers are expected to concentrate their missions during the specific mission period (from 23 March until 13 May 2024) and during the summer break (July-August).
- Third-year researchers can schedule their research missions in a more flexible way, according to their mission plan.
Fourth-year researchers are not entitled to receive funding for research missions.

Conference missions

Second-, third- and fourth-year researchers are entitled to ask for funding for participation in conferences where they will present a paper. They may ask for conference funding once per academic year. Researchers should discuss the matter with their supervisor and ask for the support of the Department before registering.

Applications for conference missions must always include the programme of the conference with the list of speakers.

Registration fees for participating in conferences where researchers present a paper may be partially covered upon presentation of proof of payment only when researchers have sought other ways to cover the cost, but have been turned down.

How to apply for mission funding

  1. Requests for both research and conference missions are submitted through the platform linked below
  2. A separate Mission Order Request has to be submitted for each mission  
  3. The purpose, scope, length, destination, and risks of each mission has to be discussed with the Supervisor before submitting a request.
  4. All mission requests must be endorsed by the supervisor and approved online by the Director of Studies or by the Head of Department.
  5. A mission cannot be approved if the researchers have not met their obligations under the current regulations
  6. Mission funding generally cannot be granted to researchers who are on exchange visits to other universities or on leave of absence. 

Mission Order Requests should be submitted well in advance of the intended date of departure. Requests submitted after the mission has taken place will not be considered. For budgetary reasons, Mission Order Request forms must be submitted 

  • by 30 September for missions starting between 15 October and 15 February
  • by 15 January for missions starting between 15 February and 15 June
  • by 15 May for missions starting between 15 June and 15 October

Page last updated on 01 August 2023

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