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Dates and Deadlines: Academic Year 2023-2024

September 2023

1 Sept. Registration of new PhD researchers at Villa Salviati
14 Sept. Departmental meeting 
21 Sept. Entrance Board meeting
27-29 Sept. Inaugural Workshop
30 Sept. Application deadline: missions starting before 15 February

October 2023

1 Oct.Application deadline: subsidies for researchers’ initiatives
2 Oct.  Start of first-term seminars
4 Oct. Walking tour of Florence (newcomers)
11 Oct. Departmental meeting
12 Oct. Submission deadline: draft for third-year mentoring
16 Oct.Entrance Board meeting
20-23 Oct.Third-year mentoring 
25 Oct.HEC Colloquium
31 Oct.Submission deadline: draft for second-year mentoring

November 2023

1 Nov. EUI closed
7 Nov. Meeting on exchange programmes
8 Nov. Departmental meeting
17, 20 Nov. Second-year mentoring
24 Nov. Submission deadline: work plan (first-year researchers)
29 Nov. HEC Colloquium

December 2023

4 Dec. Info session on the mission request platform and Application deadline: exchange programme
8 Dec. EUI closed
11 Dec. Info session on how to apply for subsidies for researchers’ initiatives 
13 Dec. Departmental meeting 
14 Dec. End-of-term get-together 
15 Dec. End of first-term seminars 
18 Dec. Submission deadline: Seminar Papers (first-year researchers)
23-31 Dec. EUI closed (Winter break)

January 2024

1-7 Jan. EUI closed (Winter break)
8 Jan. Start of second-term seminars 
15 Jan. Application deadline: missions starting before 15 June
17 Jan. Departmental meeting
22 Jan. Submission deadline: first draft of thesis (fourth-year researchers)
25 Jan. Entrance Board meeting
31 Jan. HEC Colloquium

February 2024

1 Feb. Application deadline: subsidies for researchers’ initiatives
14 Feb. Departmental meeting
28 Feb. HEC Colloquium

March 2024

8 Mar. Submission deadline: March Paper (first-year researchers)
13 Mar. Departmental meeting
15-18 Mar. First-year mentoring
20 Mar. HEC Colloquium
22 Mar. End of second-term seminars
28-31 Mar. EUI closed (Spring break)

April 2024

1 Apr. EUI closed (Spring break)
17 Apr. Departmental meeting 
18 Apr. Entrance Board meeting
24 Apr. HEC Colloquium
25 Apr. EUI closed

May 2024

1 May EUI closed (Labour Day)
2 May Submission deadline: Two Thirds of thesis (third-year researchers)
13 May Submission deadline: One Quarter of thesis (second-year researchers)
15 May Departmental meeting and Application deadline: missions starting before 15 October
24-25 May State of the Union conference
29 May HEC Colloquium

June 2024

3 June Submission deadline: June Paper (first-year researchers)
12 June End-of-term picnic
14 June Degree Awarding Ceremony and June Ball
19 June Departmental meeting
27 June Entrance Board meeting

August 2024

3-18 Aug. EUI closed (Summer break)
31 Aug. Submission deadline: Final Draft of thesis (fourth-year researchers), Resubmission of June Paper (first-year researchers), One Quarter (second-year researchers), Two Thirds (third-year researchers) if needed

Page last updated on 24 August 2023

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