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Thesis Publication Subsidies

At the defense, the PhD Examining Board evaluates whether the dissertation is publishable as a monograph with an external publisher and, if so, whether major or minor revisions are necessary. If the recommendation is to publish the book, and if the publisher requires a subsidy for editing, translating, indexing, and reproducing images, the author may request a partial subsidy from the Department. No subsidies are available to cover printing costs.


Procedure for requesting a subsidy

A written request for a thesis publication subsidy must be sent to the Departmental Coordinator within two years of the date of the thesis defense. The request should contain the following information:

Documentation provided by the applicant

  • A written offer or a contract from a qualified publisher in the field to publish the manuscript, including all relevant information on costs, publication date, number of images, index, etc.; 
  • A letter explaining the need for a subsidy and the way it would be used.

Documentation provided by the department

  • The thesis evaluation form, filled out by the Chair of the Examining Board after the thesis defense;
  • The report by the Chair of the Examining Board on the defense.

There are two deadlines for applications 1 May and 1 December of each year. The Departmental Subsidies Committee considers the requests and presents its recommendations to the departmental meeting in May and in December for discussion. The decision by the Department is communicated to the applicant via email. 

If granted a publication subsidy, the author is required to claim and use it within two years of the Department’s decision. Should the publication process last longer than anticipated, the author can request an extension of the deadline in writing; the Publication Committee will consider the request. In case the author decides to publish the book with a different publisher than the one named in the original application, a new application is required. 


The following information needs to be inserted into the book:

  • Logo and full name of the EUI.
  • Sentence mentioning the EUI subsidy (e.g., “This book has been published with a financial subsidy from the Department of History of the European University Institute”).
  • Sentence stating that the publication is based on an EUI thesis defended at the EUI, department and year (e.g., “This publication is based on the dissertation XXX, submitted to the EUI in … and defended at the EUI …”).

The subsidy will only be paid if the above-mentioned requirements have been fulfilled.

Once the book has been published, two paper copies, or one paper copy and one electronic copy, should be sent to the Departmental Coordinator, together with the invoice specifying the work done (i.e., editing, indexing, etc.), evidence that the invoice has been paid, and bank details of the author. Note that the EUI is VAT-exempted and publication subsidies will not cover VAT. The books are then transferred to the EUI Library. 


Please note: In accordance with Convention Article 14 (1), doctoral theses approved by an Examining Board must be published. Theses can be published on paper or in electronic format with an external publisher or in Cadmus, the open access electronic EUI repository. In the latter case, the copyright remains with the author. If the author decides not to agree to publication of the thesis in the EUI repository but fails to publish it with an external publisher within four years after the defence or has no firm indication of proximate publication, the EUI will automatically acquire the right to publish the thesis in the EUI repository. 

Page last updated on 02 November 2023

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